Keep Yourself Secure

1. Security & Locks

Making your home secure is a must when it comes to selling your property. Installing extra security measures from a chain on the front door to an automatic light sensor can add to the value of your home.

Remember, if the person viewing your home doesn’t feel that it is secure then it may put them off making an offer.

Of course be careful not to try too hard with this improvement, if you install motion detectors and CCTV surveillance, they may wonder just how safe your neighbourhood is!

2. Extra Sockets

In a world where we rely on electrical appliances a house with cables trailing everywhere is unlikely to be very appealing. In a sense it may show a prospective buyer moves that they too would end up with cables everywhere if they moved in.

So consider getting an electrician to install a couple of extra electrical sockets in more convenient locations, especially in the living room and bedrooms and remove this irritation.

While it’s unlikely to add thousands on to your purchase price it could equally be that little extra positive that seals the deal.

3. Don’t overspend

Although the tips listed are focused on what you can do to increase the value of your home on a budget, there is sometimes the temptation to keep spending in the hope that you will re-coup your money and more when you sell.

However be-warned, no matter how many extensions and extra features you add to your home there is likely to be a ceiling price for your street. Essentially this is where your home becomes too expensive in comparison to the other properties in your neighbourhood.

If you are unsure what this might be for your area then you may want to contact your local estate agent or simply look online to see what prices homes in your area are being sold for.

It may also be a good idea to see what properties currently on offer in your area offer potential buyers and their asking price so you can match or better what’s available.

4. Make your cleaner with sandblasting

Sandblasting Preston Services Ltd can remove years of accumulated grime on the majority of surfaces enabling them to be restored to a former glory, or to allow them to be repainted. The company uses raw material recycled glass for its sandblasting medium, which is chemically inert and conforms to the relevant standards; ISO 11126 (non- metallic) or SAE 2.5 (metal). This material produces fewer health and safety risks as it completely eliminates the risk of airborne carcinogens and it’s a non-toxic substance, which is safe to use around water.

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