6 ways you can use your granite worktops

There are several ways you could make use of granite worktops in your kitchen. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Preparing food

Of course you’ll use your granite worktop to prepare food, from chopping vegetables to preparing meat. From making the school lunches to evening meals, you’ll no doubt use it several times a day.

  1. Holding your appliances

From the toaster to the kettle and microwave, you can keep all of your appliances within easy reach on your granite worktop. Get the kettle boiling, blend some fruit for a delicious smoothie or lift out the emergency microwave meal on that night you just can’t be bothered cooking.

  1. Create an Island

A kitchen island is the ultimate height of sophistication, and would look fantastic topped with granite. It’s the perfect solution if you need extra worktop space, and you can also use it to dine on. Serving drinks and canapés on it is sure to impress dinner party guests.

  1. Breakfast bar

Dining tables can take up a lot of room in a kitchen and make the space look cramped and busy; however, a stylish breakfast bar with a granite worktop wouldn’t take up much room at all. It would be perfect for the upmarket apartment and family home alike.

  1. Utility area

Whether your utility area is in the kitchen itself or a separate room altogether, give it a stylish twist by adding granite worktops.

  1. Decorating the kitchen

With their gorgeous colours and unique patterns, granite worktops are a thing of beauty and would instantly lend style and sophistication to any kitchen. Limit what you place on top of yours to show off the worktop’s natural beauty as much as possible.

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