Add value to your home through home improvement

So a few weeks ago there was an excellent article on the Huffington Post website, all about adding value to your home. We thought that the ideas suggested by TV DIY Guru Craig Phillips were brilliant but we thought we’d just discuss them a little more in our own post.

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to cost loads and sometimes it can just be about sprucing the place up which is mainly what the article was about. There were suggestions about fixing floors and painting or tiling walls, all of which you can do yourself. These are failsafe options for improving the value of your home because obviously the better it looks and the lass work that needs doing by new owners, the more money they are happy to spend.

However we want to think about the things that can go wrong when doing these types of projects yourself. We’ll start with the first one, fixing the floors… Craig suggested that DIY laminate or wooden flooring can be beneficial to any property, an idea that is backed up by a Wickes survey in 2015 that said good-quality flooring will help add up to £2500 to the value of a home. So carefully look at whats being said here.

First of all you need to shop around for your DIY laminate or wooden flooring. If you go for the cheapest option you are not going to add much by way of value and it will not help in any way, cheap laminate is easy to spot and isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. Also, and this is a rule for all of these DIY ideas; do not undertake the work if you don’t think you are up to it. If its your first time laying laminate flooring, try an under stairs/storage cupboard first to see if you can actually do it well. A small room to practise on will be best rather than ripping up the carpet in the open plan lounge and kitchen only to find you get half way and its already coming up where you started!

Tiling is an easy option for your kitchen and bathroom but again be careful of the tiles you chose. You don’t want to chose tiles only to discover that they look ridiculous against the existing floor in your bathroom or clash with the worktops in your kitchen! You may end up either buying replacement tiles or replacing more features in your home than you expected. Many tiling suppliers will allow you to take a sample home to place against your existing features and see if will work. Even if you have an idea in your head of what a certain tile will look like against the existing features we would recommend making sure you do this.

Painting your house can be exciting but when you are painting to sell you really need to make sure you keep it blank but inviting. Go neutral is the advice of the masses but its important not to go with the same colour throughout. Slight variations of neutral colours are important to differentiate rooms and spaces, so if you’ve got a huge open plan space on the bottom floor have one of the dedicated spaces as an earthy, natural pale green and another as a more beige or brown colour. Make sure you prepare the space for painting and cover all aspects that you don’t want ruining including carpets, furniture and skirting boards etc. Mirrors, as Craig suggested will be your friend and the light will bounce nicely from these on to your neutral walls.

Replacing cupboard doors is a perfect way of sprucing up a kitchen on the cheap but again, if you do this with cheap, low quality wood then you will cause more harm than good. Also you really need to look at your carcass first and make sure that you can get away with just replacing the doors. If the shelves are starting to sag or look worse for wear your potential buyer may find you out! Replacing worktops can be costly but can add a lot of value and create a big wow factor.

Back garden spruces are brilliant, even a simple re-turf of the lawn will have your garden looking better than before and planting colourful flowers, but not over-doing it, will help people see the potential of the space. We recommend removing any old worn sheds or outhouses, even a small, cheap shed from the likes to high street stores will be better than a large outhouse that is falling down!

The last suggestion in the article was to replace carpets, however we would say that sometimes the carpets may not need replacing all together. There are some fantastic companies out there that supply deep cleaning products for carpets and we would give this a try first. Its easy to do yourself and can really help an old carpet look new again… unless there are holes in it – then you want to replace!

Finally we wanted to share our own suggestion, which is to ensure that all rooms look ‘used’. We often want to move to either upsize or downsize and if you are downsizing then you want the house to appeal to those who want a house as big as yours. If you have a spare room that is a bit of a dumping ground for possessions that you want to keep but have no real home then you want to clear them out, into a garage or even build storage within the room to house it, and then decorate the room properly like a spare room, office room etc. It will help the new buyers see the potential of a room rather than see it as a place to chuck stuff you don’t want to see.



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