Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Are you looking for an efficient way to heat up your home? Well, if you are, underfloor heating could be the perfect solution for you.

If you have experienced the horror of stepping onto a cold bathroom floor in the middle of winter, you will find underfloor heating as an absolute treat for your feet during bitterly cold mornings.

Apart from being a great space saver, it is an energy-efficient way to warm up your home.

It’s no surprise underfloor heating at present is one of the fastest growing home improvement projects because people are catching on to its benefits over conventional radiator systems. There a many systems which can be purchased; wired or sticky mat, electric or water – both are money and space savers.

Free from the hassle of using radiators

When you use underfloor heating, there is no reason to have radiators in the same space. Not having radiators means freeing up valuable wall space for your elegant furniture placement to enhance the interior décor of your room; it also enlarges the room and gives a very modern look to any space. You can get it all fitted cheaply by Boiler Repairs St Annes.

Low maintenance costs

One of the popular reasons why homeowners choose to install underfloor heating is just because it hardly requires any form of maintenance cost once it has been fitted. For example, if you choose to install Warmup underfloor heating, be assured of lowest maintenance costs. Warmup is an award winning brand that offers market leading warranties on their products. Their products are supported by industry-leading guarantees and come with a host of thermostats with great functionality such as touch-screen & timed usage.

More energy-efficient over conventional radiator systems

Underfloor heating is far more efficient than old-fashioned radiators and is cost-effective in regards to utility bills. This is because it uses a lower temperature than the radiators. If you choose to install a system we can give an estimate of the running costs at the design phase itself. This will assist you in making an informed decision.

For those who are eager to learn more about underfloor heating, here is a run-down of the top 5:

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