Build your own Garden Room

Over the last decade garden rooms have become an increasingly popular way of extending your home, allowing you to create additional space for a number of purposes, from a home office to a place to entertain, garden rooms is the ideal option to make your life easier.

Building your own garden room is a less expensive solution than undertaking an extension, loft conversion or even moving house when extra space is required.  Making for a great self-build project the self build garden room kits available on the market allow you to construct your own garden room in a matter of weeks. Buying a self-build kit is the simplest route and the quickest and most cost effective to creating additional space.

Companies like Outdoor Living Rooms offer a wide range of  customisable self build SIP garden room kits that are usable all year due to the high thermal insulation that SIP’s (structurally insulated panels) provides, they are also able to provide bespoke designs if your to input on the design and look of your garden room.

Whether you create a bespoke room or choose a custom design spec, building a garden room is an enjoyable project for any competent DIY-er and ultimately a fraction of the cost of buying one on a full installation basis if you choose to undertake the build yourself.




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