Keeping your equipment safe during renovations

If you’re undertaking a massive renovation its quite possible that you have a lot of equipment on site that might be worth a fair amount of money, and that there will be a lot of occasions when the property is left unattended.

Unfortunately there are opportunists who may notice that the property is left unattended and sometimes renovations often have openings where people can easily get inside; broken doors, windows etc, as they aren’t always the first things that are dealt with when you carry out the work – depending on the state of the house when you purchased it. Of course its best to secure all access points quickly and effectively but if you can’t do so then install safety features like fencing, temporary CCTV and signage to indicate a presence at the site.

Its not just the property itself that is at risk of vandalism or things like that either though, with your personal equipment also being at risk of theft when the property is empty. Of course the easy way to fix this is to take your equipment with you when you leave the property but that can cause issues in itself and its easy to store it on site so you know you have everything there ready for when you get chance to visit the site. This is particularly important when you are doing the majority of the work yourself as you’re likely to be using a family car that needs to transport things other than tools!

If your new property has outdoor space one of the best options you can go for during the renovation is an outdoor secure store or workshop. These modular buildings come as kits that can be put up in no time, allowing you to get on with the renovation work. They are insulated, lockable and extra secure so you can store expensive tools in them without having to worry about theft too much. Also because they look great they will add an extra something to your outdoor space and allow for additional storage for bikes and other things once your new home is ready to move it to!

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