Making space for your home office

Maybe you want to redevelop your whole house, knock through a few walls and make your downstairs all open plan, and thats fine – thats the kind of thing we’ve covered so far on this blog. However we know some people sometimes actually want to create a smaller space, a perfect getaway room, be it a games room or a den, but most often we’ve found its an office room.

Office rooms are particularly important for people who work from home. They want a dedicated space that is for working, during their office hours (which usually differ significantly from the normal office hours, especially if they are working from home to accommodate children!) that they can hide away from when they are not working. People often use spare bedrooms or a second reception rom for this but there are other ways to make space for a home office.

You could knock into the under stairs cupboard or create a large walk-in style nook for your office space. This will allow you to create an open space to the rest of the house that doesn’t feel secluded when you’re in it, and when you are not in it you could use a curtain or shutter effect door on the space to help hide it away.

Another idea would be to create a fold out space within the dinning or living room that can be folded away when you are done. This will always be visible but done right it would just look like a cupboard or a storage unit.

If you want a completely separate space though you can move to the outdoors and either create an extension to your house with an external door, or go all out and build a dedicated garden room for your office. Office garden rooms can be built with full electric and internet connectivity and as they are located within the boundary of your home they will be included as part of your home insurance. We’ve known garden rooms to have open plan living-style spaces so there can be an area for the desk, paperwork and other office essentials, and a small area for a kitchenette and to relax in during short breaks. Office garden rooms are also brilliant if your work involves meeting clients as they are give off a more professional feel than using a space within your actual home.

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