SIP Garden Kits – Build Your Own Garden Room

If you’re a dab hand at DIY and you fancy the idea of building a garden room yourself, then Outdoor Living Rooms have made this possible with there range of SIP garden kits.

With an extensive range of contemporary garden rooms all built from the highly efficient SIP method which is one of the highest calibre of construction methods available & therefore very popular in garden room design, given the benefits of quick to assemble and the thermal properties they provide.  The SIP garden kits include floor, wall and ceiling panels all made to size and design to suit your exact requirements, along with detailed instructions and construction guides for you to complete your own garden room project.

So if your looking to maximise space in your garden with a cost effective solution that doesn’t require planning permission (garden rooms usually fall under Permitted Development) then a garden room is the perfect solution. From creating a home office to a place to sit back and relax garden rooms are ideal what ever you require them for with the most popular uses being a games room, studio for your hobbies to a children’s play room.

sip garden kit


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